What is Designing Music?

Designing Music is a research project to develop a methodology for Computer Aided Composition, based on parallels between Music and Plastic Arts.

How is Designing Music done?

Through DM-D. This is a software enviroment for computer assisted composition, developed to implement Designing Music. It is free, and you can download it here.

What can I do with DM-D?

Although it is oriented to Generative Music paradigm, DM-D languaje is powerful and flexible enough even to imitate different music styles, through simple programming. So, you can use it to get a quick approach to Algorithmic Composition or to create complex musical sequences from only a few orders.

Is it difficult to learn?

No, compared to other similar systems, it is really easy. At this site you will find Tutorials, documentation and many examples to learn it in a few hours.

Who has developed Designing Music and DM-D?

Designing Music and DM-D are creations of composer Luis Robles. Here you have links to his website and contact email.

Has been any musical piece composed with this system?

Yes, Here you will find brief information and recordings of four different works composed with DM-D. Didactic examples are also included, in which several styles are imitated through Designing Music.

Are Designing Music and DM-D completely original?

Of course, they are. Although some parts of DM-D code are inspired on CSound code. It is included more information about technical details at Technical Profile page.